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Paradigm Place's phased opening approach aims to gradually build a vibrant and sustainable retail space that caters to the community's needs while working around the weather for construction.

Phase 1
January-May, 2024
Initial Opening with Temporary Modular Setu

Key Features:

  • Coffee Shop: A cozy, inviting coffee and other beverages serving a variety of hot and cold beverages.

  • Fresh Vegetables & Food Vendors: A selection of local produce and food stalls offering a range of healthy food. 

  • Modular Structures: Utilizing modular and portable units to accommodate vendors and activities.

  • Community Engagement: Hosting events to introduce the space to the community and gather feedback for future expansions.

Phase 2
June-September, 2024
Expansion of Culinary Experience

Key Features:

  • Additional Food Vendors: Bringing in more variety in food options, including international cuisines.

  • Guest Chefs and Specialty Dishes: Hosting guest chefs to offer specialty dishes and unique culinary events.

  • Active construction: Continuous development of the space.

Phase 3
September-December 2024
Grand Opening

Key Features:

  • Completion of Permanent Structures: Finalizing the construction of permanent buildings and facilities.

  • Grand Opening Event: A large-scale event to officially open the retail space, featuring live music, performances, and a showcase of all vendors.

  • Full Range of Services: Offering a complete range of services and amenities.

  • Community Partnerships: Establishing partnerships with local businesses, schools, and organizations to foster a strong community presence.

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